Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is all about attracting the right, relevant visitors to your website and making sure they take action.

A succesful website requires constant planning, execution and control.

Many companies do not utilize the full potential of their website and see it more as a necessary evil, without exploring all the possibilities it can offer. Together we can draw up a plan of action to make your website as efficient as possible, a website that aims to achieve.

Analysis of visitor information

Website visitor information can teach us a great number of things, such as:

  • Who visits your website?
  • What are your visitors looking for?
  • Which keywords result in a high number of visitors?
  • Which keywords would result in an even higher number of visitors?

By analysing these data, we can make the necessary changes to attract more relevant visitors to your website.

Testing what works and what doesn’t for your visitors

Small adjustments can make the difference between your visitors buying or not buying your products, contacting or not contacting you, … Through specific tests (A/B testing) we can track what works and what doesn’t in order to generate more leads.

Which digital tool can help you?

Are you lost in the big digital forest? Let Foxtales be your guide to the best digital tools for your case. These tools can simplify your life and offer your customers a nicer surfing experience.

Attracting more relevant visitors to your website

In order to strengthen your website’s reach and attract interested visitors, we use different methods. One of them is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. SEO ensures your website is easily found in search engines (such as Google). By using the right keywords and targeting, more relevant visitors are convinced to visit your website.

Being easily found in search engines is a great start. But building brand awareness in your active region is equally important. By means of social ads aiming at your target audience, your potential clients get to know you when they are not actively looking for your product. This will then stimulate them to actively select your company when they are browsing.

Through content marketing we can also improve your ranking in Google. By writing articles that are interesting for your customers, you will be found through more keywords.