Your story, our mission

A smile, your smile…

It’s free and most importantly, a smile can make the difference between a good day and a fantastic day. Foxtales wants to be your partner on your path to great days. Because making others smile, is what makes us really happy too.

Foxtales wants to be your companion and guide on your exciting adventure to amazing days. We want to put a smile on your face by offering you peace of mind, taking away your burden, helping you focus on your core business, advising you and relaxing you. We want to give your story the time and respect it deserves.

That is why your story is our mission

At FoxTales we believe the world needs positivity, empathy and an infinite mindset. That is why we want to build strong and long term relationships with our clients, aiming at at least one smile per day.

Foxtales wants to make the life of its clients easier by taking away their textual burden with creative solutions, copywriting and translations. We want to write your story when you are lost for words and/or time. Because writing and taking care of, really is our passion.