We want to offer you our passion for writing. We would love to provide you with texts that work for you and your customers.

Do you keep on staring at the empty page before you? Your company blog is desperate for an update and this months’ newsletter is long overdue? You don’t have the time or maybe you don’t feel like it? We would gladly take on this challenge for you, so that your product gets the words it deserves and you gain time for your own passion.

Your company image is also reflected in the writing style used. Spelling errors might come over as onprofessional, overuse of capital letters might sound as if you’re screaming, … Foxtales can help you in consistently translating the style and look and feel you choose for your brand, to all your texts. Because writing good texts is more than just throwing together some nice words.

You can count on Foxtales for the following:

  • newsletters
  • flyers
  • blogposts
  • corporate communication
  • testimonials
  • advertising
  • other whatever text you need…

How can Foxtales help you?

Foxtales can write your blogposts based on your input, puts content on your website that your customers really need, takes over your social media posts, provides copy that attracts customers and makes them come back, … Whatever text you need, please do contact us so we can discuss how we can help you.

But Foxtales also provides other textual services.

Our certified translator also happily translates your texts. Have you already written your texts but you’re not sure about the spelling, grammar or style or you’re suffering from sudden writer’s block? No problem! We can also revise and correct your existing texts.

With the help of content marketing we make sure that people easily find you online and we put your company and product in the limelight.